SUP Summer Fitness Lessons

SUP Initiation Paddle Board

How about a fitness class on a SUP board? Get ready to get hot & work on your cardio, muscular endurance while fully relaxing at the end of the class. Expect to do squats, burpees, sprints and much more!!!

Benefits of SUP Fitness:


  1. Improve balance
  2. Strengthen abdominal muscles
  3. Strengthen stabilizing muscles and all major muscles
  4. Improve your cardio


  1. Increased sense of presence and connection to nature
  2. Surpass yourself during this complete and intensive workout… accessible to all!
  3. Let go… accept less perfect poses
  4. Laugh… find your inner child!

We are mobile… wherever you are let us come to you or you can also come to us at one of our locations!

*Spécial Pre-season special!

Spring intensive session at Lummis Park in Morin-Heights

Les lundis et mercredis du 5 juin au 21 juin de 18h à 19h

Mondays and Wednesdays from June 5th to June 21st from 6pm to 7pm
Only 16$/course for 2 days registration or 19.50$/course for 1 day registration.