Sup Fitness

Does getting in shape on a paddle board while being outside among nature sound appealing? Then SUP Fitness is for you! Improve your cardio, muscle endurance all while firming and toning your body. Get ready to get into shape and have fun!

Benefits of SUP Fitness:

Physical Benefits:

  1. Improves balance
  2. Strengthen abdominals
  3. Reinforces stabilizers
  4. Improves flexibility
  5. Improves cardio

Mental Benefits:

  1. Improves mindfulness and helps re-connect with nature
  2. Calms and restores the body (Finish with a relaxing floating Shavasana )
  3. Helps you let go of stress and accept life’s imperfections
  4. Laugh!!! Your sure to find you inner child!

Come join us at one of our locations throughout the Laurentians or let us come to you!


Starting from 75$
  • 75$ per person for private lesson
  • 50$ per person for Semi-private lesson
  • 40$ per person for 3 persons

If you have your own equipment , the price is reduced by 15$.
*Taxes not included. Travel costs extra if applicable.

Better price for group or for a series of courses

POWER YOGA at the Morin-Heights City Hall

Mondays nights starting June 15 th until July 13 th or August 3 rd until August 31 st from 7:45pm-9:00pm.