Our team

Jonathan Busby-Owner

Head Instructor and Paddle Canada guide, Kite Surf Instructor and Windsurf Instructor, Trainer. Responsible for marketing, sales, equipment management and retreats. Jonathan has been kite surfing, paddle boarding and windsurfing since 2007. He has lived and taught kite surfing and paddle boarding in San Francisco, Cape Verde, Australia and St. Lucia. Since 2015, he has been leading surfing and SUP retreats in collaboration with Pascale in Hawaii and Costa Rica. His ability to observe details and his precision in teaching make him an unbeatable coach with whom you will constantly learn and evolve.

Pascale Roy Lafontaine-Owner

Paddle Canada Instructor and Guide, SUP Yoga Instructor, SUP Fitness Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Trainer, Lolë Ambassador. Responsible for the management of courses, events, retreats and communications. Pascale has been surfing assiduously since 2003, paddle boarding since 2007, and doing yoga since 2003. She has lived in Hawaii for 8 years, 2 years in Costa Rica, 6 months in Peru, 6 months in Australia and has done many extended surf trips around the world. Since 2009, she has led over 35 adventure trips to Hawaii and Costa Rica, mostly surf, SUP, yoga, and hiking retreats. Her desire to create a unique experience for her clients coupled with her endless smile and knowledge make her a guide you will want to paddle with and have a beer with afterwards ;).

Stéphanie Thibault

Paddle Canada Instructor and Guide, SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Echo Aloha Ambassador. You will find that Stephanie’s classes are dynamic and you will not find a moment to be bored as her enthusiasm and energy will keep you captivated until the end!

Andréa Beaulieu

SUP Fitness Instructor, SUP Yoga Instructor, Kinesiologist and Trainer. With many strings to her bow, you will be in excellent hands with Andréa. Be aware that behind her sweetness and constant smile a complete and intense workout awaits you!

Lisa Barrett

Chief Instructor and Paddle Canada guide, Echo Aloha Ambassador. Talented and precise in her techniques, Lisa will bring you to your best throughout your learning. Always cheerful, your lesson or adventure will be most enjoyable with her!

Other members of our great team (bio to come):

Marjorie Bourbeau: Paddle Canada Instructor and Guide and Echo Aloha Ambassador
Andréa Latour: Guide, Echo Aloha Ambassador and SUP Fitness Instructor
Cassandra Villeuneuve: SUP Fitness Instructor

Audrey Bessette: Guide and rental manager.
Marie-Frédérique Robert: SUP Fitness Instructor
Megan Hackel: SUP Fitness Instructor