Paddle Board rental !

SUP Initiation Paddle Board

You have the option to come and join us where we are the day you want to rent or we can come to you if you are organizing a gathering or just don’t want to go far from home!


Fixed locations

  • Boutique Echo Aloha Morin Heights – Our main location
    • 43 Echo Lake Road, Morin Heights. Store for boards, paddle board equipment, nautical clothing, rental center, paddle board school, yoga & fitness.
    • For board rental, come pick up your board here we have all the necessary equipment to put on your car and beautiful destinations to suggest. Book your board from our online store. →Book now ← 
  • Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson
    • 13 Sainte-Marguerite Road, Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson. Rental center and school near the waterfront. Reserve your board from our online store.→ Book now ← 
    • Waterfront rental center. Reserve your board from our online store.  →Book now ← 


Since we are a mobile company, we will be happy to come and deliver our boards to your home or for your event!


For your overseas vacation, we have inflatable paddle boards for rent. *Starting at 200$, valid off season from September to June.  Contact us  to reserve


*Delivery for full day rental only. Half day possible only with course and instructor(s).

*Delivery fees are added to the rental fees and vary according to the round trip distance. Taxes not included.

We have a base fee of 40$ + 0.50$/km driven.

Frequently asked questions – Board rental

Where can I rent a board with Echo Aloha?
3 options are available to you:

1-You go to one of our locations:  Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson municipal landing, Au Lac-des-Seize-Îles and 43 ch du Lac-Echo.

2-You come and join us where we meet (514 709-0808).

3-You let us come to you with our mobile delivery service.

*** Whichever option you choose, contact us to make a reservation and make sure we’re there and that we have availability.

What types of boards do you rent?

We rent BIC SUP boards, a French eco-responsible company. Our boards are of the highest quality for the most enjoyable experience.

We have several different models, depending on the use you want to make of it. From rigid to inflatable, touring to fitness, fishing to river…

How far do you deliver?

Technically, we can deliver anywhere you want! Delivery fees are proportional to the distance traveled. We mainly cover the Laurentian territory.

How much does a delivery cost?

We have a base fee of $45 + $0.50/km driven.

Do you offer an instructor service in addition to delivery?

Anything is possible just ask 😉

Is there a minimum rental time for board delivery?

A minimum of one day is required for delivery (24 hour rental rate).

Is there a minimum number of boards to rent for delivery?

Only 1 board

Can you offer packages in addition to home delivery?
Yes certainly, look in the SUP Packages / Customized tab or here=>Customized Packages

It will be our pleasure to guide you for an out of the ordinary experience.