Paddle Board rentals

Location de planches de Paddle Board

You have the option to come meet us at one of our locations throughout the Laurentians (location may change depending on the day) or we can come to you!

Onsite Rental

Fixed places:

 It is better to reserve your SUP to insure availability.

Delivered right your door

We are completely mobile, so let us come to you for delivery.

Inflatable SUP’s for your next vacation:

Our inflatable SUP’s are the perfect addition to your next vacation. Easy to transport and starting at only $200.00 for the off season. (Sept to June) Contact us to reserve yours!.

Reserve your inflatable SUP


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[price title=”1-9 boards” price=”Starting at $28.00″ currency=”” duration=”” summary=”” button_text=”Reserve now” button_link=”” featured=”false”]

  • 90 min rental: $28.00
  • 2 hour rental: $30.00
  • 4 hour rental $40.00
  • Daily rental (8hr): $55.00
  • 2 Day rental (48hr): $90.00
  • 10 Hour rental card: $100.00



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[price title=”10+ boards” price=”Starting at $23.00″ currency=”” duration=”” summary=”” button_text=”Contact us” button_link=”” featured=”false”]

  • 90 min rental: $23.00
  • 2 hour rental: $26.00
  • 4 hour rental $36.00
  • Daily rental (8hr): $50.00
  • 2 Day rental (48hr): $82.00



Delivery conditions:

Additional delivery fee will depend on the driving distance and the number of rented SUP’s . (Taxes not included)

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Frequently asked questions regarding SUP rentals:


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[pane title=”Where can I rent a Stand up paddle board with Echo Aloha?” background_image=””]

1-Meet us at one of our permanent locations.

Fixed places:

2-Meet us at one of our frequented locations throughout the Laurentians. Major Beach in Saint-Agathe-des-Monts, The Lummis Park in Morin-Heights or the Polar Bear’s Club in Piedmont.

3-Let us come to you, with our mobile service.

*** Whatever option you decide, Please contact us to reserve your rental and to make sure we will be on location.***


[pane title=”What kind of SUP’s do you rent? ” background_image=””]

We have a variety of BIC paddle boards to choose from. We are an environmentally conscious, local company that offers quality boards and a friendly service.

Depending on the type of SUP you will be doing (ex. Lake, river, fishing, fitness or touring) we have a variety of boards to choose from.
Inflatable, touring, fitness model, and river boards.


[pane title=”How far do you deliver?” background_image=””]

Technically, we will deliver to wherever you would like, but keep in mind delivery fees are dependent on the distance traveled. We usually stick to the Laurentians areas.


[pane title=”How much is delivery?” background_image=””]

It varies on the distance traveled.


[pane title=”Is there a minimum amount of time for a SUP rental when it’s being delivered?” background_image=””]

Yes! A minimum of one day notice for deliveries please. (24 hours)


[pane title=”How many boards do I need to rent to have it delivered? ” background_image=””]

Only one.


[pane title=”Do you offer any packages along with delivery? ” background_image=””]

Absolutely! We offer Initiation courses, SUP Yoga or even customized packages depending on your needs. Let the fun come to you!!! Consult our package section or contact us for more details.